Women's Sport as Politics in Muslim Contexts

Huma Hoodfar (Editor) | Published By: Women Living Under Muslim Laws

In collaboration with Concordia University, in March 2008 WLUML organized a symposium under the title of “The Role of Sport in Resisting, Accommodating and in Remaking Muslim Women” in Montreal. This was followed with several smaller workshops in Iran, UK and Montreal in 2009 and 2010 and 2011. The present book represents some of the research papers which were presented at these has emerged as an arena through which women from various walks of life in diverse Muslim cultures and political contexts engage in redefining their social and lic roles. Through their various organized, “non-organized” and “common” actions women continue to insert the issue into public discourse, reformulating what womanhood is or should be, and in doing so they are re-shaping the basis of gender relations. Women’s sport has emerged as an arena where gender politics and religion are playing out. Sport has allowed women to manoeuvre between the local and the global on one hand, and to network with women in other Muslim contexts on the other, in order to challenge and at times remove some of the discriminatory practices of their cultures. Several chapters in this volume, by examining the various strategies and discourses adopted by advocates to promote sport for women conclude that sports can be a very versatile medium for seeking gender justice and equality.Many of the chapters also indicate however, that opponents of gender equality and conservative and Islamist forces are well aware of the potential of sport and its promotion to actually undermine their gender segregation ideology.It is in this wide and deep framework concerning women and sport in the Muslim world that various chapters examine both the intended and unintended consequences of various strategies that advocates of women’s sport have adopted.


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