All are welcome to submit material for posting on Beyond the Scoreboard.

The general intention of the site is to encourage dialogue and discussion in the field of sports studies that will engage not only scholars in the field but all those interested in sports and society. It is intended to help readers interpret and understand current developments in sports in the context of society, economy, history and culture. Contributions should include analysis that is informed by relevant scholarship presented in a way that attracts a public readership. It may find it useful to identify a current developments/recent event/anniversaries/commemorations as a peg.

  • All contributions must be in MS Word.
  • Contributions may be 800 – 1500 words in length.
  • The language and style should be geared to a general readership rather than an academic one. However, given that sports studies is a fledgling subdiscipline, these contributions may be useful cumulatively as syllabic course content.
  • Research content may included, but in a narrative style and theory or concepts should, when referenced, be briefly explained. If specific research is being referred to, please use links so that readers can get to the original articles easily.
  • Photographs may also be included, provided they are not copyrighted.
  • Data in the form of tables is discouraged. Diagrams interpreting data are welcome, but not more than one in a piece.
  • Please include a short bio note at the end of the piece with email, etc and social media details. The contact id is not mandatory, but would be useful if readers would like to establish contact with the author.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by an editor and/or a reviewer(s) with expertise in an area related to the submission before publication.

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