Michael Messner,
Feb 16, 2018

Reflections on Communication and Sport: On Men and Masculinities

In this essay, Michael Messner focuses on a key part of a broader research agenda on gender and sport and reflects on the context and meanings of media characteriza- tions of men and masculinities in the sport setting. The first part of the essay focuses on how one’s core identity as a male who grew up experiencing understandings of sport through the lens of media continues to be influenced by sensibilities that can conflict with revised beliefs about gender. The second part of the essay reflects on the author’s scholarly journey in focusing on gender and televised sport and the importance of extending one’s work beyond academia and into the public sphere. The focus section of the essay on ‘‘Men and Masculinities’’ examines four clusters of research on: (1) scandals and fallen heroes, (2) consumption of sports media as a male preserve, (3) sports, masculinities, politics, and war, and (4) female athletes as visible cultural icons. The essay closes with observations for future directions in research on gender, sport, and media. [Communication & Sport 1(1/2) 113-124. 2012]

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