The Fire Burns Blue: A History of Women's Cricket in India

Sidhanta Patnaik, Karunya Keshav | Published By: Westland Sport

Women’s cricket in India began in the early 1970s with the fortuitous coming together of (mostly) teenaged girls from around the country, with little but a spirit of adventure to back them. Several firsts followed—the first overseas tour, the first World Cup, the first controversies, the first win—and no one appeared to notice. Those early trendsetters kept at the rough and tumble of competitive sport, pushing back at gender discrimination, facing the challenges posed by a system that oscillated from apathetic to well intentioned. Who are these women? What brought them to the cricket field? What does the current turnaround mean for the women’s game? The history of women’s cricket is the story of extraordinary women playing the ‘gentleman’s game’ for the sheer joy of it, wresting for themselves their rightful place in its firmament. 518 pp; Rs 583.


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