Sports Studies in India: Expanding the Field

Edited by Meena Gopal and Padma Prakash | Published By: Oxford University Press

Sports Studies in India, as a part of The Oxford India Studies in Contemporary Society, emerges from a sociological curiosity about sporting experience in terms of participation in sports as well as its theorization in scholarship. This volume aims to forge interest in the field of sports studies and offers a platform for a wide range of studies on sports, employing a variety of approaches, perspectives, and methodologies. The contributions in this volume sport as a microcosm of society, which affords an opportunity to understand the complex nexus of society-state-media. They also examine sport within a political economy perspective through lenses of religion, gender, and class, among others. Interspersed in this collection are case studies, critical explorations of sports in Bollywood, and autobiographical accounts that not only enrich the narrative, but also demonstrate the value of that different genres bring to the discourse of sports studies. In a pandemic-afflicted world where sports is taking new shape, when new norms may well come into being, this collection establishes a framework for understanding change in the realm of sports and society in India. 392pp; Rs1621 (on Amazon India). 56 Pounds (UK)


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